Private Client Services for Business Owners

private-clientOur private client team compliments perfectly our business advisory team.  Business owners are individuals, after all.

If you own and run a business, our private client team can assist you in preparing commercial lasting powers of attorney and wills that take into account your business.  

Protecting your Business with a Lasting Power of Attorney

If you run a business, whether as a sole trader or in partnership with others through a partnership, a company or a limited liability partnership, you will know that the continuity of your business is one of the key elements in your business plan.

Few people, however, realise that if you are unable to manage your own financial affairs, through a physical or mental incapacity, there is no-one with any legal authority to manage them for you, not even a close family member.  So as a business owner, if you need wages to be paid; cheques to be signed or orders to be fulfilled, and you can’t do it yourself, your business continuity is compromised.

If you lose capacity, and you do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney  then a Deputy will need to be appointed by the Court of Protection to enable your personal and business affairs to be managed.  This can take many months to arrange and can also be a very costly and stressful exercise.

During this crucial time delay, at best, there is a risk that your business will continue without someone making key decisions and at worst, your business could have to simply cease trading. Should the Court appoint a Deputy to act on your behalf, you would not have control over who is appointed and they may have very different views to you as to how your business is run.

By having a Lasting Power of Attorney, however, you can avoid this situation and save time and stress for your business associates and your family.

Please download our information sheet about commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Protecting the Value of your Hard Work for your Family and Loved Ones

You’ve worked hard to build up the value in your business, now make sure that value passes to your loved ones in the event of your demise by making a Will.

When you have a business, we understand that your affairs may seem more complex, particularly when you may not be the only person involved in your business.  You may have co-directors or other shareholders to also consider in your planning.  At Four Oaks Legal Services, we are experienced in dealing with businesses.  We will discuss your business thoroughly with you, so that we understand how it operates.  Our team will consider any shareholder agreements that are in place and which may dictate how your shares in the business can be dealt with.  Alternatively, we will discuss with you the appropriate structures to deal with these matters, if there are none in place.

We are able to advise on the most tax efficient way of structuring your will, so that your hard earned estate passes to your family, rather than the taxman.

For further information about making a Will with us, please see our information page on making a Will with us.

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