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Do you know what aspects of the law apply to you?

Four Oaks Legal Services has a unique specialism in how the law is applied in the areas of E-Commerce and Data Protection for businesses.  Over the past 20 years there has been a plethora of regulations and directives that continue to be handed down by the EU.

The consequence is that our law is driven from abroad and many of our legislative provisions no longer lay down clear boundaries. The consequence is that business owners may not know that legislation exists covering certain of their business activities. Even if they do, it may not be clear when lawful activities become unlawful ones.  The legal aspects of E-Commerce and Data Protection cannot be ignored by any business. 

It is hard to imagine that less than 20 years ago the desktop computer started to become a common feature in offices. It may not be long before the business desktop is consigned to the recycle bin of history as it is replaced by smaller tablet computers and smart phones linked to the Cloud which raises many legal issues.

Today it is difficult to think of a business that does not depend on a computer in some way or another, whether in record keeping, financial management, document creation, internet advertising, communications (internal and external) or of course the delivery of products or services to customers and the daily use of the internet.

Business Decisions – Risk v Reward

Although perceived by younger employees, who have grown up with the new digital world as being a place where anything goes, the digital world is a world of issues of privacy, of instant worldwide communications and instant consequences, of transnational legal issues, often driven by powerful business interests or the interests of substantial wealth.  Businesses need legal help and advice to balance the risk and reward of modern trading practices.

Clear Advice – Clearly Different

It is important that businesses should have trust and confidence in their legal adviser. Four Oaks Legal Services Limited is committed to helping businesses understand which aspects of E-Commerce law and Data Protection law apply to their business model and what the commercial risks may be.  Our aim to be clearly different recognises that the legal profession is a service industry and its customers want to know what work is being done, how much it will cost and when it will be finished. 

We believe in open lines of communication and if possible costs for identified pieces of work are quoted as a fixed fee.  There may be times when the work may not be capable of being properly identified until it is started and this may be suitable for a Capped Fee. It may not always be possible to identify legal work in this way and so costs may need to be worked out by reference to our standard hourly rate. But rest assured we meet with all new clients at our cost to fully understand their issues and advise not only on the best course of action but on the costs likely to be involved.

If you are unsure about your obligations or just need to update your existing legal documentation please contact us.

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