Intellectual Property Law

intellectual-property-lawThis is an often ignored aspect of commercial law and can relate to something as simple as the name of your company, product or service, inventions or the protection of original works of authorship such as software and photographs. 

Intellectual property law is about the rights of ownership over a person’s intellectual effort and output. Whilst you can’t own an idea, if you write that idea down then the law gives you the rights over the writing containing that idea – protecting the manifestation of an idea but NOT the idea itself.

Your intellectual property can be very valuable to your business and we often read media reports of one brand buying another for sometimes millions of pounds because of its appeal to its target market.

In the digital age an understanding of intellectual property and getting legal advice is very useful, and if you are running an on-line business, it is essential.

Many businesses have found themselves in dire straits through not understanding intellectual property law. For most businesses you won’t be protecting multi-million pound intellectual property but for the average business are you sure you own the website that the developer has created for you? Are the photos on your website used with the appropriate licenses? Does your site contain material ‘borrowed’ from other sites? Are logos and trade marks included with the written permission of the owners? Are you using a database that was created by someone else?

For practical, commercially focused legal advice on all aspects of intellectual property contact us.

For advice on the law and how it applies to:

  • Trade marks and copyright
  • Intellectual property ownership and disputes

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