Disposing of Personal Items in your Will

During our lifetime, we collect many personal items (or chattels as we lawyers like to call them), such as our breakfast bowl, jewellery, cars and, perhaps even, works of art.  We dispose of some of these items too, as they either wear out; cease to be of interest to us or when we have the New Year clear out!


Whilst some items will have actual value, some will simply have sentimental value but, when we die, we may want specific individuals to receive certain items.  If we list these wishes in our Will, this could create a very long document and one which would need to be updated regularly to reflect changes in what we own, as well as changes to who should receive those items, as our own relationships change. 



So, to avoid the inconvenience and cost of you having to re-write your Will, a clause can be incorporated into your Will which gives your Executors the power to dispose of your personal items in accordance with any wishes you have made known to them.  Then a separate letter can be prepared to enable you to note your current wishes.  Should you review your wishes in the future and wish to make changes, this can be done by simply updating the letter itself without making changes to the Will.


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