There are many aspects of the law with which businesses and their directors must comply, or information that you must make available. It's hard to keep track of it all and that is where Four Oaks Legal Services can help.

At Four Oaks Legal Services we encourage business owners to seek our help before they set up their businesses and start trading. Forward planning ensures that the business ownership is structured correctly, the business model has been thought through and the law surrounding the process of running a business and selling products is understood.

All of this means that the probability of legal disputes in the future are lessened. Solving a problem after it has arisen can usually be expensive in time and cost. 

Customers and Suppliers are essential

Every business will have its customers and its suppliers. Whether selling business to business (B2B) or to the public (B2C) you will be selling something to your customer and buying something from a supplier.

If you, as the business owner, have a clear understanding of the basic legal principles you must comply with and properly prepared terms under which you trade your products or services, then you should be able to prevent spurious legal arguments from arising. You will also have the law on your side if a dispute escalates. This can be particularly useful if a customer is withholding payment.

Contact us for advice on the law and how it applies to:

  • Company formation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals of businesses
  • Business re-organisation
  • Franchising
  • Distribution agreements
  • Supplier relationships
  • Customer relationships
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Employment terms with policies and procedures
  • Partnership agreements
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Outsourcing issues

We have worked with many businesses, large and small, and helped them with their legal obligations and issues. Please see our Testimonials page.