Do you know what aspects of the law apply to you?

Four Oaks Legal Services has a unique specialism in how the law applies to businesses in the areas of E-commerce and Data Protection. 

Over the past 20 years there has been a plethora of regulations and directives that have been handed down by the EU covering e-commerce and data protection. The consequence is that many of the legislative provisions owe much to continental methods of law making and no longer display the clear boundaries to which our lawmakers have always aspired. Our instinct for what the law might say in a certain situation may no longer serve us well.

In the modern digitised world with vast flows of personal information taking place all of the time, it is dangerous to ignore the laws concerning E-commerce and Data Protection. 

Data Protection

GDPR is the latest regulatory update governing the keeping of personal information by businesses. It was a regulation issued by the EU but our Parliament incorporated it into our law when the Data Protection Act 2018 was passed so Brexit will not change anything.   

It applies to the large multinationals and to small local businesses.

Business Decisions – Risk v Reward

GDPR is widely misunderstood. This is almost certainly because it was drafted usinginexact provisions and broadly drawn legal principles. There are certainly many principles of data protection law contained in GDPR with which we are familiar, but there are also new principles that need to be understood and applied to our business. Possessing a deeper insight into this will help a business owner to better understand the risks involved and what compliance needs to look like.

This is where we at Four Oaks Legal can help the business owner to make better decision s.

It is important that businesses should have trust and confidence in their legal adviser. Four Oaks Legal is committed to helping businesses understand which aspects of E-commerce law and Data Protection law apply to their business model and what the commercial risks may be.  

Clear Advice – Clearly Different

Our aim to be clearly different recognises that the legal profession is a service industry and its customers want to know what work is being done, how much it will cost and when it will be finished. 

We believe in open lines of communication and, where possible, to offer work for a fixed fee. Where a fixed fee is not possible, we may be able to offer a capped fee. We need to interact with all potential new clients in order to fully understand the issues and to be able to find the sort of fee arrangement that suits.

If you are unsure about your businesses legal obligations or you just need to update your existing legal documentation please contact us.

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