If you have a child or dependent who has a disability, then making a Will can seem even more daunting.  At Four Oaks Legal Services, we are able to advise parents/carers about the issues that you need to consider in making a Will to provide sensibly for your dependant.

We will discuss with you, your dependant’s circumstances in-depth, so that we understand what their requirements are and how best to structure your Will to provide for their needs.  It is important to consider the nature of any disability that the person has and what it means they can and cannot do.  This enables the Will to be planned in such a way to ensure they do not have to manage money if they cannot do this, or to be given the flexibility to manage funds in small amounts if this is more appropriate.

We understand that parents are often concerned that if their dependant receives a direct inheritance, then they may be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous third party.  We also know that parents who have fought to receive the appropriate level of means-tested benefits and a care package for their child, do not want an inheritance to affect any funding received in the future.  We can discuss these issues with you and help plan your Will so that any inheritance does not affect funding and is outside of the clutches of anyone with ulterior motives towards your dependant.

With many years of experience of working with parents and carers in this area, we really do know what worries you about making a Will and we will provide helpful solutions to give you the peace of mind that your child is provided for in the best way possible.  Let us assure you, all of our clients’ acknowledge what a relief it is to finally prepare the Will they’ve been dreading having to do for many years.