Trusts are a complex area of law. We can help you through the complexity and provide advice on all aspects of trust creation and administration.

What We Can Help With

  • Creating trusts through your Will or during your lifetime.
  • Advice on the tax implications of the creation of a trust.
  • Guidance of Trustees as to their role and responsibilities, including the management of funds and distributions.
  • Preparation of annual accounts and trust tax returns for HMRC.
  • Preparation of supplementary Deeds needed upon distributions from the trust or the retirement or appointment of Trustees.
  • Winding up an existing trust. 

Trust & Estate Planning

The use of trusts can be a good way for some individuals to protect valuable assets against the risks of divorce, bankruptcy, re-marriage and care home fees.

In many families the largest asset is the family property.  We can help you consider whether it would be worthwhile to sever the tenancy on a joint property to provide more flexibility in estate planning. This can assist in protecting the assets from a local authority assessment for nursing care fees or in a re-marriage situation. These are often referred to as 'Property Trusts' or 'Life Interest Trusts'.