Obtaining a Grant of Probate

We are often asked to simply obtain a Grant of Probate for an estate. This is because it is either all that is needed to be carried out in the administration process, or because our clients are happy to carry out the rest of the administration of the estate themselves. A grant extraction only typically occurs when the estate is under £325,000 and no significant gifts have been made in the 7 years preceding the deceased’s death. 

Applying for a Grant of Letters of Administration (where there is no Will)

Where there is no Will or there is a valid Will but it does not appoint any Executors a Grant of Letters of Administration is obtained instead of a Grant of Probate.  Again, we are often called upon just to obtain this document.  In this case, there may be a little more work involved as we have to ensure that there is no valid Will before we make an application for the Grant.


Grant of Probate Only (Valid Will & all assets are UK based) £1,000 plus VAT
Probate Court Application fee (Fee increases have been expected since 01/04/19) – Disbursement £273.00
Copies of the Grant (We recommend one copy per asset in the estate) – Disbursement £1.50 per copy
Bankruptcy Searches £2.00 plus VAT per Executor