Four Oaks Legal is looking for a litigation solicitor who either works on their own or who wants to do so.

  • This can be under our banner or under the banner of a sole practitioner.
  • If you wanted to join us as part of the team we will be looking initially at some sort of fee sharing arrangement.¬†
  • If you wanted to set up on your own (out here in lovely Lichfield!) we can offer assistance in setting you up in your own practice.
  • Whichever option is most attractive we can make available an office and as much admin support as is needed here in Lichfield (and we have our own car park!).


Moving into our offices not only means that there is support for your practice but, more importantly, there is access to a team of very experienced solicitors to share in the trials and tribulations of your daily work. Of course we recognise that a sole practitioner needs to maintain client confidentiality but we also recognise that running thoughts past a fellow professional can be a great way of gaining confidence in your own decision making powers.

Four Oaks Legal specialises only in private client and non-contentious commercial work. That means we have to signpost work which falls outside of our practice areas to trusted colleagues in other firms. Litigation, particularly commercial litigation, is an area where we are still seeking to find the right person for signposting leads.


Working on your own as a sole practitioner can be a lonely way to make a living. Work leads can be sporadic but there will be many opportunities for a litigation practitioner working from our offices. We also work closely with Four Oaks Financial Services in Shenstone. Indeed we share the Four Oaks brand with them. They are a firm of financial advisers with 10 financial advisers and a team of support staff. We also work closely with firms of accountants so the opportunities for having work signposted to you as a litigation practitioner are quite real. We know our way around all the local business networking groups which are a fabulous source of legal work. We also know many suppliers locally who can be relied on to create websites, help with advertising, provide printing services and all the other things that are necessary to set up and run a small professional office.


If you are tired of working in the city or want to break away from a big firm and start on your own path, then please pick up the phone and ring us on 01543 440 308 and ask for Stuart for a confidential and preliminary chat.