Stuart McIntosh


Commercial Solicitor

07969 929 452



I am a Solicitor of more than 15 years post qualification experience and practice law in the digital environment, following the development of business in the digital environment for all of those years with considerable interest. I have hands-on experience of the legal and business issues that arise in a number of different business models, such as social and business networking, internet TV, e-commerce and providers of educational services.

I deal regularly with a number of website design and development companies and other companies in the creative industry and also helps those who seek to develop projects by using developers and creative and design agencies.

Before I became a Solicitor, I was a police officer of many years standing, which enables me to speak plainly and in a manner where even complex issues are laid bare and become accessible. I know that small businesses need only commercially sensible help and advice and that it must be cost effective, which is why I prefer to deliver work at a cost that the client recognises is the right value and to create payment plans that best suit the needs of that business. To further this ethic, I prefer to build longer term relationships with small business managers, to open up lines of communication so that the business manager does not fear the ‘traditional’ ticking clock approach so long associated with solicitors costs.

Any small business owner that simply wants to chat through anything is welcome to make contact, by telephone on 01543 440 308 or by email to