Probate Fees


The Law Society has welcomed the lapse of a planned increase in probate fees as a result of parliament being suspended. 

Fees would have risen from the fixed amounts of £215 (personal applications) or £155 (Solicitor applications), to a sliding scale of up to £6,000 depending on the size of the estate.  The motion to approve the Non-Contentious Probate (Fees) Order had been scheduled for a vote in the House of Commons since February but the prorogation of parliament, means the motion falls away. 

It is now likely that the Probate Fees Order 2018 may re-emerge in the new Parliamentary season, following an outcome concerning the EU. The Law Society have indicated that they will fight its introduction should the government decide to reintroduce the order. 


UPDATE – 02/10/19

Following the Supreme Court’s decision last week that Boris Johnson unlawfully prorogued Parliament, it’s back to business as usual, meaning the previously lapsed Non-Contentious Probate (Fees) Order 2018 will also be back on Parliament’s agenda.